Herbicide Mode and Site of Action

Mitigating Herbicide Resistance

Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Wisconsin

Managing Herbicide Resistance with Seeding Rates and Residual Herbicides

TakeAction: Herbicide Resistance Management

Update on Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Wisconsin

Influence of Atrazine on Weed Community Composition, Management, and the Risk of Glyphosate Resistance by Ross Recker

2013 Pest Management Update

Follow the link above to a pdf copy of Vince’s 2013 Wisconsin Pest Management Update presentation.

Value of residual herbicide in reduced soybean stands

Topics include: critical period of weed control, crop canopy closure, yield, economics, and reduced stand yield. This seminar was produced in April 2013.

Thoughts about weed management going into 2013

Update on herbicide resistance in Wisconsin and proactive late-season weed escape survey efforts

The links above are to pdf copies of powerpoint presentations for the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association in February 2013.

Cover crops, herbicides, and using some caution

This is a podcast of an interview with Vince Davis by Cooperative Extension on September 21, 2012. Listen online, download to your mp3 player, or read the transcript.

Weed management in corn and soybeans: Examples under drought stress

Soybean weed scouting: Control of volunteer corn

Soybean weed scouting: Late season, part 1

Soybean weed scouting: Late season, part 2

Updated January 20, 2015