The research goals of Wisconsin Crop Weed Science program are to investigate:

  • herbicide performance for the control of several weed species that are difficult to control
  • the biology and ecology of problematic weeds
  • long-term weed management effects in various crop rotation systems

Herbicide Evaluation Program

Program Description and Reports

Current Research Projects:

Herbicide and Cover Crop Interactions in Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Cropping Systems


Becky Redline

Becky Redline Bailey
[Project Profile]

Effects of Nitrogen Management and Early-Season Weed Competition on N2O Emissions in Midwest Corn Production

Tommy Butts
[Project Profile]

Comparison of Integrated Weed Management Practices for the Control of Amaranthus spp. in Soybean

Ryan DeWerff
[Project Profile]

Project: Preemergence Residual Herbicides in Early-Planted and Low Seeding Rate Soybean Production

Ross Recker
[Project Profile]

Project: Influence of Atrazine on Weed Ecology, Weed Management, and the Risk and Development of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds

Updated July 1, 2015