Herbicide Injury Diagnostic Tool

Welcome to the re-designed Herbicide Injury Diagnostic Tool. The original diagnostic tool was developed by Tim Trower and Chris Boerboom. To download their handy two-page guide, go here.

What’s new to this version?

  • Each page shows your previous answers
  • A “Start over” button at the bottom of each page will take you back to the first question
  • New herbicide charts from the TakeAction campaign
  • Simplified guides to symptoms that mimic herbicide injury
  • Photo galleries for both corn and soybean injury symptoms

This diagnostic tool uses three questions: 1. When do the injury symptoms appear? 2. How selective is the damage? Are both broadleaves and grasses affected or just one group? 3. What are the symptoms and where do they appear on the plant?

When did the herbicide injury appear?

Updated December 10, 2014