Certified Crop Advisor Training Series


Here is another resource brought to you by University of Wisconsin Extension! Free, online certified crop advisor training videos are available now. In addition to CCA training, they are great for adding to your general knowledge about integrated pest management, soil science, and field and forage crops.

Vince Davis has created a series of weed science videos that can be accessed directly from the videos page.

Updated 2013 WCWS Research Report


The 2013 WCWS Research Report is now updated with nine corn and seven soybean herbicide evaluation trials. Some highlights include:

  • Redroot pigweed and wild buckwheat efficacy data on pages 19 to 31.
  • Liberty Link system comparisons of PRE+EPOST, PRE+MPOST, and EPOST+MPOST programs on pages 81 to 91.
  • Dandelion control with preplant-incorporated herbicides on pages 1 to 6.
  • Comparisons of corn PRE only, PRE_POST, and POST only programs on pages 7 to 13 and 48 to 55.

In the toolbox: Invasive Plant Control Database

The Midwest Invasive Plant Network has published an online search tool to find information on invasive species control- Invasive Plant Control Database. From this website, go to Resources and then to Tools. The MIPN database works best if you already know the invasive plant species that you have. To help with identification, the Herbarium at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has a very nice image catalog of invasive species in Wisconsin, including the counties where they have been found and species descriptions. Another great resource that categorizes the invasive species by habitat is hosted by Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources.

Still unsure of the plant species, try University of Wisconsin’s weed identification tool or go to the PlantDOC website to find your local Extension agent and submit a digital image for identification. The Extension Specialist for Invasive Plants at UW-Madison is Mark Renz and his contact information is here.

Resource for New and Experienced Pesticide Applicators

The Weed Science Society of America produced a series of articles covering different pesticide handling and application topics. To access the Pesticide Stewardship Series, go here.

Pesticide Stewardship Series titles:

  1. Safety Begins at the Point of Sale
  2. The Buyer Has Important Responsibilities
  3. Hiring a Pest Management Professional
  4. The Importance of Reading the Pesticide Label
  5. Restricted Use Pesticides Require an Extra Level of Care
  6. Certification Programs Fulfill an Essential Need for Competent Pesticide Applicators
  7. Always Be Diligent Concerning Personal Protective Equipment
  8. Employers Play a Central Role in Protecting Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers
  9. Preparation and Oversight are Vital When Storing a Pesticide

The Pesticide Applicator Training program, at the University of Wisconsin-Extension, provides training opportunities, manuals, training aids, and fact sheets. For more information about the program, visit their website. Got questions? Call the program at (608) 262-7588 or send an email to PATprogram@mailplus.wisc.edu